Full service marketing

Customers develop an impression of your brand from many different touch points. It’s vital that these touch points are integrated and represent your brand accurately, compellingly, and persuasively. J2 offers a complete package of services designed to help identify, evaluate, and prioritize those touch points while developing, enhancing and managing your brand. J2 specializes in creating and building global, corporate and product brands.

Focused on animal nutrition and health

The focus of J2 Henry is working within the production animal sector in support of greater efficiencies in health, welfare, performance and production. These objectives are moved forward by working alongside forward-thinking global and domestic companies very technical and skilled at innovative product development.

With extensive experience in this space I help animal nutrition and health companies strategize, position and market products for the dairy, swine, beef and poultry species.

“Impact is in direct proportion to the originality of your statement.
There is an original way to say everything, you just have to find it.”

Bill Bernbach –
Co-founder, Doyle Dane Bernbach